The RTS commitment to 'quality' and 'value' goes beyond production excellence. It extends to an ongoing process of offering specialty services to customers.

Long experience, rich knowledge-base and continuing learning and anticipating change that is going to revolutionize the Indian Power Sector and tailored solutions to meet those demands, helps RTS extend the reliability factor even further.

Add to this the company's deep awareness of the latest and best advances in distribution and transformation technology and it translates into a share- expertise syndrome that enriches the client experience.

In order to ensure that customers receive prompt after sales service for purchased transformers, we have set up dedicated servicing teams at our facilities in Jaipur, Agra and Kolkata. This has ensured timely response to the servicing needs of our customers.
Repairs & Maintenance 

RTS has extensive and modern capabilities in repair and re-engineering of damaged transformers of all makes across the range - 10 kVA, 11/.433 kV to 55 MVA 132/33 kV.

Strong resourcefulness allows repairs to take place within the shortest time frames, minimizing customer downtime. RTS can reverse engineer and improve/ modify designs of existing transformers and ensure longevity of the repaired/re-engineered transformer most cost effectively and strengthen it with high quality replacements.

Quick turn-around-time, proximity to power utilities, and logistics capabilities to transfer damaged equipment from site and re-install the same - are some of the benefits that RTS customers enjoy.
Power Transformers